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Title: Banjul-Dakar relations : Impact of the casamance conflict
Authors: Sambou, Philip Sabena
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Narong Sinsawasdi
Keywords: Gambia -- Relations -- Senegal;Senegal -- Relations -- Gambia
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Rangsit University
Abstract: The Gambia and Senegal once shared a unique vision for a common destiny. This vision, however, was short-lived and therefore never realised. Despite such an unfortunate instance, these mutually dependent neighbours pend continued to close ranks and work together. Nevertheless, relations between them are far from being ideal due southern Senegal. This to The Gambia's complicit role in the Casamance conflict of study, therefore, is part of a growing body of knowledge of Casamance conflict in southern Senegal. Specifically, the research about the of the Casamance conflict on the relations between The result, therefore, the significance study examines the impacts Gambia and Senegal. As a of my research is to not only add to the already understanding of the relations between The Gambia and Senegal, but will contribute to greater understanding of the Casamance conflict and also stimulate where necessary, further research on the subject matter and on other perspectives of the Casamance conflict hitherto not dealt with. By examining the impacts of this peculiar conflict, I clarify the unfortunate situation experienced when instead of working hand-in-glove in finding common ground to solve the conflict; The Gambia and Senegal faces the real situation of grappling with diplomatic antipathy due to this conflict that is really affecting their relations, drifting them further apart. My piece of work attempts to solve this problem, drawing more attention to this phenomenon and underscoring the urgent need to put off the flames of the Casamance conflict and restore the trust and confidence that once characterised relations between The Gambian and Senegal.
Description: Thesis (M.A (Diplomacy and International Studies)) -- Rangsit University, 2013 Master of Arts Master's Degree Diplomacy and International Studies
metadata.dc.type: Thesis
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