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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Effectiveness of an online grammar game of communicative EnglishSiraporn Siriphanlop
2011Bilingual curriculum development and implementation in Thailand : A case study of Satit Bingual School of Rangsit UniversityApiramon Ourairat
2013The United States and Vietnam relations : 1975-2011Pitcha Chiengkul
2013Comparison of Factors Influencing Thai students' choices of a minor subject between Japanese and ChineseKazuyoshi, Tajima
2013Application of task-based learning to develop english speaking ability and attutude towards learning english : a case of Mathayomsuksa IV students at Chumsaeng Chanutid School, Nakhonsawan ProvinceSukhuman Janputtipon
2013Banjul-Dakar relations : Impact of the casamance conflictSambou, Philip Sabena
2013Role of the Bhutan broadcasting service (BBS) after the institution of democracy in BhutanRinchen, Sonam
2013Effects of brain-based learning on physics academic achievenment and learning atmosphere of the ninth grade students, BhutanYangzom
2013Effects of instruction using the 4mat system on chemistry academic achievement and reasoning ability of the tenth grade students, BhutanGhalley, Prem Kumar
2013Effects of instruction using polya's problem-solving model on mathematical academic achievement and analyzing ability of the fourth grade students, BhutanYeshi Dema
2013Effects of 5E learning cycle model on grade eight students' learning achievement and chemical communication ability, BhutanNamgay, Ugyen
2013A Study of reading comprehension ability in dzongkha of the tenth grade students through reciprocal teaching method, BhutanNidup, Yeshey
2014Synergistic interaction between antibiotics and natural product extracts to inhibit methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)Keerati Joyjamras, กีรติ จ้อยจำรัส
2014The Use of phonics instruction to develop english reading skill of grade one students in bingual program at Thainiyomsonghroh school., Bangkaen district under education department of Bangkok metropolitan administrationThapanee Panvisavas, ฐาปนีย์ พันธ์วิศวาส
2014Sales executive competency identification : A Thailand's incentive travel business caseNuchanart Cholkongka
2014Effects of cooperative learning approach on learning achievement and opinion of the eighth grade students toeard mathematics, BhutanNamgyal, Lobzang
2014Effect of tea seed oil on serum lipid profile and blood glucose, and organ protective activity in rats fed with high fat and high carbohydrate dietWarinna Pinthong, วริณณา ปิ่นทอง
2014Object of AwarenessLogan Bay
2014The Effects of top-level structure instruction on grade eight Bhutsnese students'reading comprehension and written synthesisPema
2014Project-based approaches to enhance english writing skills and collaboration in geography among grade eight students in a lower secondary school in BhutanSonam Penjor