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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Aantibacterial activity of Coronarin D and its synergistic effect with antibiotics on staphylococcus aureusPanita Khlaychan, ปณิตา คล้ายจันทร์
2022The abandoned shrinePunnada Kongpinit
2020The acquisition of attitudes and professional skills for global citizenship by bilingual students through second language learningBassey, Unyime Francis
2020Adding design value to familiar product with humourSuttichart Sarapaiwanich, สุทธิชาติ ศราภัยวานิช
2023Analysis and design of LCC-type zero voltage switching resonant converter using state-plane diagramPornsak Techatanaset
2021Analysis of the influencing factors of tourist satisfaction of tourist attractions with influencerYuzhu Wang
2019Antimicrobial efficacy of contact lens solutions against pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureusMedhavi Houngparanun, เมธาวี หวงพลานันท์
2021Apple classroom : managing tertiary English classes with ipadsBoundy, Timothy
2021Application of a blended learning model for the Chinese listening skills for Mathayom Suksa Four Thai students :a mixed methods investigationWanyan Zhou
2018Application of blended learning in Chinese pinyin learning of primary 4 students at a private school in BangkokShu Heyi
2019Application of content and language integrated learning (CLILl) approach for English learning of secondary school Bhutanese studentsTamang, Budha Singh
2019The application of drawings to enhance Chinese vocabulary skills in primary three Thai studentsXiaoxing Liu
2021The application of game-based learning for Chinese vocabulary skill of grade 8 Thai studentsFengjuan Li
2021The application of immersion teaching method in learning Chinese speaking skill for grade 5 Thai studentsRong Xie
2021The application of MOOC for careers guidance of year 3 university students in Heilongjiang Province, ChinaMingxue Li
2021The application of multimedia technology in teaching and learning mathematics of grade 5 Bhutanese studentsRigzin
2019The application of place-based inquiry approach on grade 6 Bhutanese students in learning environmental scienceKezang, Norbu
2020The application of radical-based approach in writing Chinese characters of grade 7 Thai studentsXinghong Yang
2013Application of task-based learning to develop english speaking ability and attutude towards learning english : a case of Mathayomsuksa IV students at Chumsaeng Chanutid School, Nakhonsawan ProvinceSukhuman Janputtipon
2021The application of think-pair-share for social studies of grade six Bhutanese studentsDorji, Tashi