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Title: Effects of cooperative learning approach on learning achievement and opinion of the eighth grade students toeard mathematics, Bhutan
Authors: Namgyal, Lobzang
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Somchanok Phuampai
Keywords: Grade Students -- Bhutan;Mathematics -- Study and teaching (Primary);Learning Achievement -- Research
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Rangsit University
Abstract: The basis of this research was to find out the effects of cooperative learning approach on learning achievement and opinion towards mathematics of eighth grade students in Bhutan. The research was conducted at Tashiding Lower Secondary School, Bhutan. The population of the study comprised 72 eighth grade students. The study was quasi experimental using pretest and posttest to both experimental and control group. The research instruments used were, learning achievement test and opinion questionnaire. The statistics used for data analysis were mean, standard deviation, paired samples t-test, and content analysis. The results of learning achievement test score analysis showed that the experimental group had significantly higher scores than the control group with the paired sample t-test, t=11.94, df=35 and p=0.00(<0.05). The paired sample t-test for pretest was with the value t= -0.43, df=35 and p=0.67 (>0.05) which indicated that there was no difference in pretest. The means of control and experimental group during pretest was 11.17 and 10.92 respectively and 14.89 and 22.28 respectively after treatment. The result indicated that cooperative learning approaches were effective in improving students learning achievement level. The students' opinion analysis results showed that the means of enjoyment was (4.54), value was (4.48), motivation was (4.42), and, belief was (4.48). The results indicated that there was positive change in their opinion as a result of inclusion of cooperative learning approaches.
Description: Thesis (M.Ed.(Curriculum and Instruction)) -- Rangsit University, 2014 Master of Education Master's Degree Curriculum and Instruction
metadata.dc.type: Thesis
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