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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022The management model for small and medium-sized mining companies in the epidemic era : a case study of company WPiyun Luo
2022Marketing innovation of Yuan Qi Sen Lin : a case study based on 4P theoryQingxia Wang
2022Marketing strategies of art training industry under the double reduction policy : a case study of Z Art Training SchoolXiaofeng Zheng
2022Mobile learning in English listening and speaking skills challenges and opportunities of non-English major sophomores at a public university in ChinaQian Li
2021The model of loneliness, resilience, optimism, mental health, self-directed learning, and academic performance in Chinese college studentsDong Yang
2017Molecular detection of Zika viruses using lab-chip real-time PCR systemTreewat Watthanachockchai, ตรีวัฒน์ วัฒนะโชคชัย
2021A moment of respite : finding opportunities to help the workforce recent and readjust the moodQing Liu
2017Myanmar and China in the jade trade, on the impact of myanmar's economy and countermeasuresHtun Thura
2019Non-technical skills of cabin crew to enhance safety: planning for educational training of an international airlineThatri Kwansang
2014Object of AwarenessLogan Bay
2014The Opinions of M3 secondary students toward an English course in A Bilingual program in a Thai public schoolGuat Cheng Tan
2021Oxfords strategy inventory for language learning : English learning of Chinese students in Thai universityBijiang Zou
2017Parental perception towards bilingual education in two aspects : academic performance and career opportunities in Kathamandu, NepalRai, Priyanka
2015Peer Assessment On Grade Eight Students Descriptive Essay Writing in a Lower Secondary School In BhutanTshering, Tashi
2021Perception of food : effect of plating on appetite & enhanced experience of eatingJiajia Ma
2022Perceptions of challenges of online English language learning and teaching of students and teachers at a Chinese middle schoolDan Luo
2017Physiological thermal strain of rice farmers in Thailand : a pilot studyAlisa Yaungnoon, อลิสา ยวงนุ่น
2022Polymeric hydrogel containing lidocaine loaded polyelectrolyte complex for dry socket wound dressinNuttawut Supachawaroj
2020Polyphasic taxonomy of daldinia (hypoxylaceae) in Thailand and their potentials as biofilm inhibitorsSarunyou Wongkanoun
2022Preserve the memoryJaruphong Aunkarunwong