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Title: Analysis of the influencing factors of tourist satisfaction of tourist attractions with influencer
Other Titles: 拥有网红特质的旅游景点游客满意度的影响因素分析: 以秦皇岛阿那亚为例
Authors: Yuzhu Wang
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Duan Yun Long
Keywords: Tourism trade;Tourism -- Marketing;Travel -- Research
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Rangsit University
Abstract: 在当前的经济体系中,旅游业对该地区和生态也有较高的要求。秦皇岛旅游业发展规模较小,秦皇岛旅游难以形成规模效应和集群效应。全国各地的大部分游客都是通过新媒体短视频中了解到的秦皇岛阿那亚,这个具有网红特质影响力的景点也因其独特的区域感而引起人们的关注。在此背景下,研究景区和游客对影响者特质的满意度尤为重要 本文使用问卷调查法回收335份有效游客的问卷数据,以SPSS 24.0软件统计,信度与效度均达到标准,在回归分析方面发现,基础设施正向预测游客满意度,服务管理正向预测游客满意度,旅游景观正向预测与游客满意度,影响游客满意度的因素由高到底分别为旅游景观高于基础设施高于服务管理,且网红特质会干扰基础设施评价与游客满意度之间的关系,并且网红特质会干扰旅游景观评价与游客满意度之间的关系
metadata.dc.description.other-abstract: In the current economic system, tourism also has higher requirements for the region and ecology. Qinhuangdao tourism industry development scale is small, and Qinhuangdao tourism is difficult to form scale effect and cluster effect. Tourists from all over the country receive the new media short videos through software Qinhuangdao Anaya. The influencer scenic spot has also attracted attention because of its unique sense of place. In this context, the research of scenic spot and tourist satisfaction with influencer characteristic is particularly important Based on the analysis using SPSS 24.0 software, the researcher found that the infrastructure and tourist satisfaction are positively correlated; the service management and tourist satisfaction are positive correlated; tourism landscape and tourist satisfaction are positively correlation. The factors affecting tourist satisfaction are at a high level. The tourist landscape factor is higher than the infrastructure foctor which is higher than the service management factor. Furthermore, the characteristics of social media influencers will interfere with the relationship between tourism landscape evaluation and tourist satisfaction
Description: Thesis (MBA (Business Administration)) -- Rangsit University, 2021 Master of Business Administration Master's Degree Business Administration
metadata.dc.type: Thesis
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