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Title: Analysis and design of LCC-type zero voltage switching resonant converter using state-plane diagram
Authors: Pornsak Techatanaset
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Somboon Sooksatra
Keywords: Electric current converters;Electronic apparatus and appliances;Electrical engineering;Electronic circuits
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Rangsit University
Abstract: In this thesis, steady state analysis and design of LCC-type zero voltage switching resonant converter using state-plane diagram are presented. The converter proposed is separated into three parts for analysis, that are source circuit, resonant tank circuit and load circuit. There exist equivalent circuits of ten sequential modes for this converter. The state-plane diagram is presented from analyzing all equivalent circuits of ten sequential modes. Each sequential mode will be derived to get the normalized inductor current and capacitor voltage in functions of time domain. The waveforms of these normalized current and voltage versus time of all sequential modes are simulated from OCTAVE program. The normalized output voltage or converter gain calculated versus normalized switching frequency for each load current condition is shown. Finally, the simulated circuit of the proposed converter is generated to confirm the analysis of converter using state-plane diagram approach.
Description: Thesis (M.Eng. (Electrical and Computer Engineering)) -- Rangsit University, 2022 Creation Date: 2022 Master of Engineering Master's Degree Electrical and Computer Engineering
metadata.dc.type: Thesis
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