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Title: Analysis on the influencing factors of network integrated marketing on the sales of brand milk tea taking honey snow ice city as an example
Other Titles: 网络一体化营销对于品牌奶茶销量影响因素分析——以蜜雪冰城为例
Authors: Yang Hong
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Prof. Jin Maozhu
Keywords: Branding (Marketing) -- Case studies;Marketing strategy;Tea -- China
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Rangsit University
Abstract: As a popular milk tea brand in China, Honey Snow Ice City has weakened its competitive advantage in cross-border marketing in recent years. This research, hence, aimed to investigate the brand’s network integrated marketing plan and explore factors affecting its sales to provide guidelines for the corresponding milk tea industry. Based on the review of the PEST model and related theories, this research was conducted using a 27-item questionnaire completed by customers of Honey Snow Ice City and focusing on intermediary variables between the brand’s integrated network marketing plan and sales including brand perception, interest, consumer behavior, customers’ feedback and sharing, and interactive communication. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Reliability and validity analysis was also carried out. According to the results, Honey Snow Ice City was recommended strengthen the normative construction of online communities, investing resources in products, channels and promotion strategies. The implementation of an integrated network marketing plan was recommended to enhance its marketing effect and customer experience. Chinese milk tea brands should strengthen their integrated marketing strategies, highlighting the advantages of their products and services.
metadata.dc.description.other-abstract: 在当今互联网+和5G 技术发展盛行的大环境背景下,网络一体化营销已慢慢 变为许多企业至关重要的营销方式之一。蜜雪冰城作为国内具有较大影响力的热 门奶茶品牌,近年来在跨界营销中竞争优势被削弱。因此,本文的研究目标是如 何通过网络一体化营销方案措施改善不足,提高顾客对该品牌奶茶的购买量,也 为相应的奶茶行业提供参考。 本文通过PEST 模型以及相关的优劣势进行分析,结合顾客价值理论和顾客 购买行为为基础,对在蜜雪冰城有过消费经历的顾客展开27 个题项的问卷调查。 以品牌感知、兴趣度、消费行为、反馈与分享、交互沟通等作为网络一体化营销 与影响销量的中介变量进行分析,探究其影响销量的具体因素。通过问卷调查数 据进行描述性统计和信效度分析来制定其相关优化策略。 本文得出结论,蜜雪冰城应加强线上社区的规范打造,主要将资源投入到产 品、渠道及促销策略上。运用好流行的网红元素,在网红产品打造上推陈出新以 提高奶茶附加价值。充分利用传统渠道,加强新式网络一体化营销渠道的开拓。 然后提出保障完善策略加以实行,如营销理念间的转变,巩固企业内部营销管理 手段,完善激励机制;利用网络一体化营销手段增强营销效果和客户体验;对相 应的网络整合营销策略进行战略评价和控制。企业应加强和完善产品与网络相结 合的一体化营销战略,突出产品与服务的优势,使企业的产品形成战略组合,确 保企业战略稳中求进。
Description: Thesis (MBA (Business Administration)) -- Rangsit University, 2022 Master of Business Administration Master's Degree Business Management
metadata.dc.type: Thesis
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