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Title: An analysis of incentive scheme for the new generation staff of CJ education group
Other Titles: CJ 教育集团新生代员工激励机制的问题与对策研究
Authors: Yi Huang
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Tang Yingkai
Keywords: Generations, Alternating;Employees -- Attitudes
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Rangsit University
Abstract: Taking CJ Education Group as an example, this paper adopts literature research method, case analysis method, questionnaire survey method and interview research method to study the compensation incentive situation of CJ Education Group's new generation employees. Combined with the actual situation of CJ Education Group, this paper analyzes the compensation incentive measures of CJ Education Group from the four aspects of salary and welfare, performance appraisal, position promotion and further training. Based on the perspective of the new generation of employees, the questionnaire is designed to understand the current salary incentive mechanism of the enterprise from the aspects of salary system, welfare benefits, performance appraisal, job promotion, training and learning, corporate culture and employee career planning, etc. At the same time, interviews are used to make up for the shortcomings of the questionnaire. The survey results show that there are some problems in CJ Education Group's current incentive mechanism for the new generation of employees. The reasons leading to many problems in the incentive mechanism of new generation employees include not only enterprise reasons, but also social reasons and employees' own reasons. Finally, in view of the existing problems in the incentive mechanism of CJ Education Group's new generation employees, corresponding optimization countermeasures are put forward to ensure that the enterprise can effectively realize the role of incentive and improve the work performance of the new generation employees
metadata.dc.description.other-abstract: 本文以CJ 教育集团为例,采用文献研究法、案例分析法、问卷调查法和访谈 研究法对CJ 教育集团的新生代员工薪酬激励情况进行研究。结合CJ 教育集团的 实际情况,从薪酬福利、绩效考核、职位晋升、进修培训等四个方面分析CJ 教 育集团的薪酬激励措施。设计调查问卷,基于新生代员工的角度,从薪酬体系、 福利待遇、绩效考核、职位晋升、培训与学习、企业文化和员工职业生涯规划等 方面了解企业当前的薪酬激励机制情况,同时运用访谈的方式弥补问卷调查的不 足。调查结果显示,CJ 教育集团当前的新生代员工激励机制存在一定问题。导致 企业新生代员工激励机制存在诸多问题的原因不仅包括企业原因,还包括社会原 因和员工自身原因。最后,针对CJ 教育集团新生代员工激励机制存在的问题, 提出了相应的优化对策,以确保企业切实实现激励的作用,提升新生代员工的工 作绩
Description: Thesis (MBA (Business Administration)) -- Rangsit University, 2022 Master of Business Administration Master's Degree Business Administration
metadata.dc.type: Thesis
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