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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022The effect of quantum leadership on employee innovation performanc : the mediation of affective organizational commitment and the regulation of organizational self-esteemShenfan Zou
2014Effect of tea seed oil on serum lipid profile and blood glucose, and organ protective activity in rats fed with high fat and high carbohydrate dietWarinna Pinthong, วริณณา ปิ่นทอง
2000Effectiveness of an online grammar game of communicative EnglishSiraporn Siriphanlop
2018The effectiveness of cover Thai songs in Chinese listening skills improvement for grade 6 students at a private primary school in ThailandHuang Xiaoyan
2563Effectiveness of flipped learning on language teaching and learning: meta-analysis 2014-2020Chingakham, Dinachandra Singh
2013Effects of 5E learning cycle model on grade eight students' learning achievement and chemical communication ability, BhutanNamgay, Ugyen
2017The effects of active learning approach in teaching science to 5th grade students in Bhutanese classroomDema, Karma
2014The Effects of activity-based learning approach on learning achievement and learning satisfaction of the seventh grade students' toward mathematicsWangmo, Kinley
2013Effects of brain-based learning on physics academic achievenment and learning atmosphere of the ninth grade students, BhutanYangzom
2014Effects of cooperative learning approach on learning achievement and opinion of the eighth grade students toeard mathematics, BhutanNamgyal, Lobzang
2018The effects of cooperative learning strategies on sixth grade Bhutanese students learning satisfaction in social studies classPeldon, Deki
2016The effects of counseling-based teaching method on physics learning achievements of upper secondary school students : an area focus on momentumAnon Ua-Umakul, อานนท์ เอื้ออุมากุล
2017The effects of directed reading thinking activity to enhance english reading comprehension skills of grade eight students in BhutanRai, Hema
2019The effects of game teaching to enhance English speaking skills of students at an inner Mongolia primary school in ChinaPeng Chen
2013Effects of instruction using polya's problem-solving model on mathematical academic achievement and analyzing ability of the fourth grade students, BhutanYeshi Dema
2013Effects of instruction using the 4mat system on chemistry academic achievement and reasoning ability of the tenth grade students, BhutanGhalley, Prem Kumar
2020The effects of project-based learning on Chinese vocabulary learning achievement of secondary three Thai studentsJi Jincheng
2019Effects of restorative primers on bond strength of polymer- infiltratedSpun Lenglerdphol
2022Effects of task-based language teaching on thaikindergarten 3 students’ Chinese speaking skills and confidence a case study of a trilingualschool in BangkokHao Wang
2019The effects of teaching vowel phonograms to improve oral reading skills of fourth-year students at a private universityGuzman-Laddawan, Catherine De